Running Aurora costs money (it takes a powerful dedicated server to make history!) so to pay the costs there is a reward system for players who make Aurora a reality and are rewarded with donation perks and there are additional rewards when contributions reach certain amounts.

Visit our donation store: https://store.aurorav.net

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
I just recently purchased a Donator Level from the store, how to activate it?
1. Make sure you logged in to Cfx.re on your FiveM client. (Double check if you logged in with the same Cfx.re with FiveM and on our store page)
2. Please type the following commands in the chatbox (T keybind) in-game.

How to activate my role on Discord?
1. Visit our Discord Server (https://discord.gg/aurorarp)
2. Go to the channel #✦︱commands.
3. Type !tebex:claim.

How to buy additional donator exclusive vehicle?
You may go to https://store.aurorav.net/package/4703244. Note: Only Donator Level 5+ can see the additional donator exclusive vehicle.

I purchased a replacement plate and my trunk items were lost.
Please note we don't take full responsibly about your vehicle. Please take all your trunk items before you purchase replace plates.

I purchased a replacement plate, what's next?
Go to https://aurorav.net/forums/forum/97-vehicle-plate-replacement/ and fill the following fields and submit.

Why my Donator exclusive vehicle taking so long to process?
Our developers have a little time to import all Donator vehicles, it also depends on the amount how many new donators donated for DL5+.

What payment methods we do accept?
We do accept Paypal, GCash (PH), Paymaya (PH), and Credit/Debit Card.

Is there a permanent Donator Level?
Yes there is, there is Donator Level 1 that is permanent to you.

I recently purchased from the store, why it takes so long to process?
Some of the payment methods like GCash (PH) takes long (12-24 hours) because we take manually verification on each payment we receive from these payment methods. But credit/debit card, Paymaya, and PayPal, we do support instant activation.

When sending money it says something like the transaction can't be completed and it doesn't say why, why?
PayPal accounts that don't have a debit or credit card linked to them may have transaction limits that for some reason they won't tell you about, they'll just give you a useless error message.

I've bought Donator Level 5+, how to get my donator exclusive vehicle?
You may request your donator exclusive vehicle at this form: https://aurorav.net/forums/forum/70-donator-l5l6-exclusive-vehicle-form/.

I've bought Donator Level 6+, how to get my business?
It's automatic! Just wait for the next server restart to update itself. You can access your DL Business at the warship. Where is the warship? You can go by pressing M > Rapid Transport > Warship.

I bought a custom gun, can I use it on RP?
If your custom gun is realistic, yes you can use it on RP. We will also notify you through direct message if your custom gun can be used in an RP scenario.

Can I sell my custom gun or give my custom gun to someone else?
No, you cannot. The custom gun is linked permanently to your account.

Can my custom gun, can be used on my whitelisted gang/faction?
Coming Soon.

Does a revolver belong to a pistol category?

Where I can get my custom gun?
You can get your custom gun at the general weapon shop (Los Santos Weapon Shop).

I lost my custom gun, what to do?
Still, you can get it again at the general weapon shop (Los Santos Weapon Shop).

Someone looted and took my custom gun. Does the player who looted me can use my custom gun?
No, they can't. They will just get an error message "This weapon is blacklisted".